Jan 13, 2010

My first ever...

Vacation -Visakhapatnam

Bike - TVS Scooty

Lie - I took my Dad's official diary (new one) and later showed it to him saying that my school has distributed those dairies to us. Foolish was I that I had not noticed the office logo on it. Needless to say that I got a sound thrashing later.

Crush - My best Friend

Novel (Fiction) - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Comic Book - Tintin and the Lake of Sharks

Music Player - Sony Walkman

Instrument - Casio Keyboard

Mobile - Nokia 1108 

What is yours?


  1. love tin tin and Vizag and come on people start lieing from when they start talking i.e from childhood. i had a Philips Walkman and loved it a lot! anyway your post did bring a lot of nostalgia for me and i would love to know your first movie in a theater mine is Betaab 24 years back when i was 6 months old!

  2. Yeah, I am missing most of my old things. Anyway, I don't remember what my first movie in a theater was. But I do know that it is a Telugu movie and certainly not Betaab ;)

  3. i dont remember! Am i really that old? loved this one , though