Jan 13, 2010

Things to do!

  1. Have a house of my own by the beach side preferably in Visakhapatnam. At the dawn of every day, I sit on a (cushioned) chair in my lawn with a steaming hot cup of tea, listening to the waves, taking in every breath of fresh air and waiting for the 1st ray of sun to shine upon me, giving me a warmth feeling about the day to come. Needless to say that my day would end in a similar fashion, except for the sun, I will have the moon smiling on me and old Bollywood songs playing in the most melodious way ever.
  2. Learn piano. Be an equivalent to a professional.
  3. It is high time I give importance to cooking and learn the "art".
  4. A visit to all the historic places in India and abroad. I would prefer Greece first.
  5. Publish articles on few critical issues. It is more so to voice out my opinion.

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