Jul 31, 2010

My Father, My Idol

There is no one way to put all of this
For all the love and affection that you gave me
I am lucky to have you as my father.

I walked my first baby steps, you held my hand.
I walked to my first school, you shed a tear from the corner of your eye.
I asked for a lollipop, you brought me a chocolate.
Everything that I asked for, you fulfilled every single wish of mine.
There were times when I argued with you to get things done my way.
I was proud, I was happy.
But I failed to see that you had lost to me only to see that smile on my lips.

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You have been there as a friend,
As a mentor,
As a critic.
At every step of my life.
When I look back, I always see your shadow, I feel your presence.
I see a promise that, come what may, you will still be there for me.
I would like to be born again as the angel of your life, as your sunshine, as your daughter.
Thank you dad for being there, to guide me and to inspire me in all that I had dreamt of doing.

I love you.
I miss you.
I certainly do.