Mar 15, 2013

In Love, yet again!

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Me. Me was tall, thin, innocent and just about an average looking girl of her class. Me was an intelligent girl, topper in her studies. But that was not why she had friends.

Me had friends because she had the thickest and darkest hair, reaching a little above her waist line as compared to the other girls. All the other girls wore a pony or left their hair open. A few of course tried some different styles once in a while. But Me did not. Me went on for 2 straight years with braided hair. Me would partition her hair, braid tightly and leave them falling off her shoulders. Me was very happy and in love with her hair.

But horrific things began to happen. Me had moved to a different city and due to changes in weather, food and water, Me's hair started breaking. Oh, yes! I forgot the "P" word - Pollution. Me's hair became dry and started to fall apart. She did everything she could do to prevent her hair from further damage - Regular oiling, frequent hair washes, hair cuts to avoid split ends, trying 10 different brands of shampoos and conditioners and straightened her hair too! She also spent hours and hours together searching articles on Google and tried all that she could.

Result - Broom-like hair
Image source: Google search

Finally, Me had realized her mistake. Her mistake was to believe everybody, follow what others were doing without trying to understand her hair structure and quality. The hair is more delicate than the skin. Your hair needs 10 times more care and extra caution than the skin. Just as you are choosy about your soap/cream/lotion for your skin, you must be extra choosy about your hair products. Me learnt a solid lesson and is very careful now :)

Result - Beautiful hair with beautiful ends. Me can leave her hair open, tie it as a pony or even braid her hair. And once again, Me fell in love :)

This is my entry for the Dove Split End Rescue System Contest