Jan 30, 2013

i10! Make your drive joyous :)

This is my original contribution to the “Write your i10 story” contest organized by Hyundai Motors India Limited (HMI).

[Airport setup]
Ashok impatiently and eagerly waits to receive his elder brother at the airport.
There comes the tall, handsome and confident Anil waving at his brother. Suited up as always.

Obvious moments of hugs and smiles between the brothers.

They drive back in Ashok's new i10, stylish and in demand - like him.
[Ashok is to be shown in low waist jeans, a cool Linkin Park t-shirt, and a hat. Here we focus on the exterior aspects of the car, the color, the look, ease in putting Anil’s luggage]

[In the i10]
Quick conversations roll out about Anil's life in the foreign land and his achievements; then turn towards inspiring Ashok to reach heights. Ashok notices that his brother is getting into the lecture mode. So he turns on the AC and immediately puts Anil into a relaxing mode.
[Focus on the AC, Anil’s expressions of relaxation, interiors of the car.]

As they keep talking, Anil notices a speed breaker ahead and asks Ashok to drive on carefully. All Ashok does is just drive. They go over the speed breaker, and do not feel any bump at all.
[SharRukh all this while sits in the back seat of the car, invisible to them, of course. Over the speed breaker, ShahRukh’s dialogues: “Oops”! *was that a speed breaker?* he thinks.
Focus on comfortable, seating, no bumps, performance.]

It is quite a long journey. A timer keeps running at the bottom of the screen to show how much time they need to reach home. Anil feels tired and faces jet lag. So he stretches his seat to feel more comfortable. He says, “Ashok, I’m off to sleep. Wake me up when we reach home.” Saying so, he takes the hat from his brother, puts over his face, breathes out and sleeps.
[Focus on the mileage and luxury]

"Reached.” says Ashok

Once again, ShahRukh appears and says, “i10. Make your drive joyous. Need I say more?”
PS: Shahrukh could play the role of the elder brother. Will work that way too.


  1. Hey... Must say good one..
    I so wanted to write my idea but the last date arrived sooner before I could scribble..

    1. Thanks Manjulika, and I feel sorry you missed the date to submit.