Jul 24, 2011

What an Effin' !dea

Yesterday I happened watch Abhishek's latest !dea 3G advertisement. I have absolutely no idea why that advt was shot, with what intention and to prove what! For those who have not watched it, here is a glimpse:-
video from YT
Please listen carefully to not just the song 'TV to Biwi' but also the stupid background noise and most of all, see the cheap expressions. 

What I do not understand is 
1) What is the purpose of the advt?
2) So what if the population in India is high?
3) How is Bachchan Jr. so sure that every couple locks their bedroom door when the power is out?
4) It seems that a lady has sacrificed her marital life for the country - "Tyaag diya hai meine apna vaivahik jeevan apne desh ke liye''. Um, why? Where are condoms missy?
5) And lastly what did Abhishek mean when he said, his own son was 'before 3G'? 

What is the rest of his family's take on this?


  1. > Couples going back to making babies when power is out means they don't have an inverter. One who can't afford an inverter, can he/she afford a 3G? Weren't 3Gs supposed to be pricey?
    > People who can afford a 3G usually won't have time to make a lot of babies. It's the rural India which fuels the population explosion and 3G is not yet available/affordable there.
    > If Idea is so concerned for population explosion, let them take it up as a CSR and give a 3 or 4 yr 3G connection free to newly weds (am sure one Birla will die of heart-attack after reading this suggestion)
    > And 3G or no 3G, how can one not do something after having a wife like Aishwarya? I mean, what can be more distracting than her? I think Jr. Bacchan is lying.. We seriously need to check his orientation. He's probably interested in KJo

  2. Excellent Amrit! Thanks for adding them on to the list :)