Jan 7, 2011

A Love Story

Yes, not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love. I may not have experienced love in its entirety, but I am certainly experiencing its beauty.

The crazy talks, the long walks
The touch, the feel.
The romance in his heart, tears in my eyes
The heart that breaks, the words that heal.

The warmth in his arms, the comfort when he is around
The jealousy, the possessiveness
The fights, the efforts to patch things up after that.
The mood swings, the irritation
Knowing exactly what to speak making sure all that remains is, love.
All these leading to knowing each other in and out.
The realization that I would not survive without him
And that he means the world to me
At the end, truly saying "I Love You" as often as possible, and cherishing every second of that time when I said it.

I am happy. I too had have a love story!!

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