Nov 25, 2009

Hats Off!!

It was my graduation ceremony last Sunday. I met my batch mates 2 years ago, but I got to know them only at the end of 2 years. And now after 7 months, here we meet for the convocation. These 7 months took all of us in different directions. Our dreams were different when we were in the college, but now each one is at a different place owing to his/her responsibilities. I just couldn't stop smiling and meeting each one of them.

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Whatever I have learned in the past 2 years, I definitely owe it to my college. I am not talking about classroom lectures. I am talking about learning about people, about making decisions, about choosing friends, about relationships (knew the value of my mother and my sister) - in short, I learned what is life. When I had first joined the college, life was so different. The past 2 years have taught me innumerable lessons; enough for a lifetime. I would surely miss those 2 years of being a student.
All said and done....It was worth missing my afternoon nap ;-)

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I will be what I aspire to be!!

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