Nov 25, 2012

Re-living a picture from my Scrapbook

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Aaaaaaaaaand it is a FEATURED ENTRY!!! Woooohoooo.....

She: "Gawwwd, I hate  you so much! Why do you interfere in my life?"
Me: "Because, I AM YOUR SISTER!! I care for you."
She: "Not required, just mind your own business."

Me: "Give me my clothes back."
She: "Let me wear it na once."
Me: "No, These are mine. You won't touch my clothes again."

Me: "Wait till I tell mom what you have done."
She: "You are such a tattle-tale. *Mumbles*"
Me: " :O What did you just call me? "Mooooooooooom!!!!"
She: *Rolls her big brown eyes*

Mom: "Here are some chocolates for you both. Don't fight."
My sister: "Neeta, come let's share"
Me: "Yay! Here, one for you, one for me. One for you, one for me."

She, yes she! My sister, there were times when she annoyed me so much and could not stop getting on my nerves. We could never stand each other, always quarreled and would always be pulling each others' hair (literally). I would always be the one complaining to my parents about her using all tactics of seeking attention, more so, sympathy from them. God, I loved it when my parents scolded her and asked her to apologize to me. I am sure, at that time, she would prefer dying than apologizing to me.

Yet there were times when we shared everything be it chocolates or secrets that you could not tell your parents. How much ever we fight, we would always pair up against the 3rd person when they interfered between us, be it my mother. During one such fight, our mother got so furious that she threw a vessel at us. It was all in vain as it resulted in a damaged vessel. That made her realize not to come in between us.

Here is one such photograph from my childhood which will clearly tell you that we were 2 little monkeys.
Courtesy: Our late Father
This photograph was taken in Talcher, Orrisa.
The one showing off like a model is me and the other so-called dancer is, well your guess is right! The chimney and the boilers behind were in the plant where our father worked.

If you casually look at this picture, you will find 2 innocent sisters posing for the camera. Will you believe that we were literally quarreling minutes before our father had taken this picture? Well you must! Look closer. What you have missed is the struggle as to who is smarter and can pose better in front of a camera.  We both made each other jealous and insecure, argue all the time, point out at the other's mistakes..but we always made up because we had only each other for company. Until the next fight!

As I write this, I recall all the beautiful moments I spent with my sister. Trust me, I did drop a silent tear. I think there are just a few memories in my past where she is not there. She made those memories, my little sister. Now that I am married, I realize how much I value her. Little did I know that years later I will be writing about her, let alone miss her.

Me: "Hey listen na, I want to tell you something"
She: "Ya, what is it?"
Me: "You won't tell anybody no?"
She: "No, I won't. What is it?"
Me: "Okay, I will tell. Promise you won't tell amma and daddy"
She: "Yes, promise"
Me: "God promise?"
She: "God promise, mother promise. Promise on anything you want. Just tell me na."
Me: "I failed in the exam yesterday. Teacher scolded me. I am scared to show the report card to amma."


  1. Awwwwww this is so beautiful... All though I don't have a sister but I fight with my little brother in the same manner... so beautifully portraited you made me go back in the flashback... loved it literally... I am so glad that I didn't miss this beautiful write up by a beautiful girl... :)

    1. Thank you so much Ayushi. Added a few more details. There is so much to write about. Was difficult to put all those into this post.

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  4. May this bonding lasts forever.God bless.