Oct 26, 2012

Mad-ad OR Mad-me

So this is Hidesign's Autumn-Winter 2012 Advertisement.

Um, my question is, are they trying to sell lingerie OR the horse? 

If I assume they are selling lingerie, then why is the girl carrying a handbag and sitting on the horse? No, Nah-ah! That doesn't make sense. Maybe, maybe, they are trying to sell the horse. But then why is the girl still carrying the handbag? See. That is why she is slipping from the horse. They should remove the bag.


  1. Well ads these days are getting more and more explicit to be able to catch the viewers attention. And I guess they achieved that by getting you to actually write a blog post about it and me having to comment on that blog post.

    Marketing is all about getting the word out about the product and making people remember that product when they need it. So pretty much all is fair for the marketer to get the word out about the product even if it means putting a gorgeous model in lingerie on a stunning horse in a superb setting just to sell a handbag. So be it.

    Keep blogging and stick to one name it will help in the long run.

  2. Hi Sudeep,

    You are right. The advertising these days, is merely to talk more about the product/brand rather than putting sense in the advertisements. And if this is what they wanted, we might have done half their job :)

    And thanks for your reply.

  3. hehehe... May be they are trying to sell the purse... :)