Nov 20, 2010

The best place I lived In

Of all the places I have been to and lived in, I will miss Bangalore the most. The place was not my home, but I made it to be one. It had the perfect weather, perfect friends, perfect roommate, perfect place to live..everything was perfect!! Helped me develop a new attitude towards life :)

image source: my cell phone :)
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The Place I call "Home"
(About a year ago in Bangalore )

"Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days.”


  1. Cozy..just how everything should be :] I miss it :(

    I wonder who your perfect roommate was ;)

  2. @Reyn: thnkx babe :)

    @JD: invent a time machine, will ya??

    and regarding the room-mate, she was gem of a cartoon =D